Info About Raippaluoto Island

In the sea area outside the city of Vaasa (The Kvarken Archipelago) there are many islands and this area is the first UNESCO Natural Heritage site in Finland.
Raippaluoto is the main island in the Kvarken area which is the narrowest point of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Some facts about Raippaluoto

Raippaluoto on the Map

Raippaluoto island in the middle west coast of Finland, 21 division Sweden is on the left.
Raippaluoto (Replot), Finland

Another map showing Raippaluoto island
Raippaluoto (Replot), Finland

Raippaluoto bridge connects Raippaluoto island to the mainland and is the longest bridge in Finland
Raippaluoto (Replot) Bridge - The longest bridge in Finland
Raippaluoto Bridge (Image: Wikimedia Commons)


Raippaluoto Bridge Webcam
The Kvarken Archipelago

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